Accelerator Coaching Program

Only 6 spots available.

What is The Co-CEO Accelerator Program?

Think about where you are right now…

Yep, that ceiling that you’ve been trying to break within your marketing.

Or…maybe it’s your struggle to finally know HOW to break past that same dollar amount you’ve been making.

Or, maybe it’s knowing how to transition from hustling to having a business that runs and works FOR you with a team, systems…you know what I mean…A true operation.

Now… Imagine 30 days from now all that has changed.

You not only have clarity, but you have a bulletproof strategy of exactly what to do next, and you’ve have some new wins under your belt that have gifted you some serious confidence and security to swing you into the new year of 2020.

If you’re saying “YES! I NEED TO FEEL THAT ASAP!” then I invite you to apply to my  small group accelerator program, where I come along side you as your “Co-CEO”. Every month I take on a new group of 10 dream-chasers and help them update their blueprints of  HOW they’ll reach their business goals and this month, I’m ready to help you.


In just one month we will dig DEEP into your life and business with a laser focus on breaking your existing ceiling in that one area (I call this the big domino) that will positively and drastically effect the rest of your business for the better (don’t worry we’ll do an assessment at the beginning so I can help you figure out what your big domino is).


What does all of this mean? Upon completion of the program I can bet you this… you’ll have clarity on HOW you’ll actually break your current ceiling of success, accompanied by a brand new, mind blowing expectation, of what’s really possible for you.


The part-mastermind, part workshop is a 4 week virtual coaching program held monthly and is designed to meet the needs of the individuals in the cohort.


The program includes live coaching every week, weekly office hours, and a virtual project tracker that allows me to collaborate with you in real time, add ideas to your board, and most importantly keep you accountable.

If you know me, you know that I take quality over quantity any day of the week so spaces are limited to only 6 people per month. Don’t let the next 30 days be the same as the last. You deserve this. Apply below and shoot me a message if you’ve got any questions. I’m ready to help you LIVE! 

Love you tons!


STARTS January 2019


The investment for the 4 week program is under $1,500 but you must first apply and then this month’s pricing and next steps will be sent to you if you are accepted.


Not afraid of Handwork | Doesn’t Make Excuses |A Team Player | Active Business License |  Averaging at least $1,500+ In revenue

Only 6 spots available.

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